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Basic Tips For Green Living

worldCarbon is one of the main cause that damages our environment. It leaves its footprints in our eco system for our future generations. If we need a healthy environment we have to cut the emission of carbon in our day to day life. So here are some of the important tips that can help to improve the carbon emission of your home. Most of the people living in condos, flats or apartments or even residences simply feel that it is next to impossible for them to cut their carbon emission due to the basic fact that they have to in fact share their place of living with a number of other people living around them.

But if you try to adopt certain rules and get other residents to involve with you a lot can practically be achieved without actually bringing about much of the drastic changes in your day to day life.

We feel the heat of the day but we have to keep in our mind that we have to keep the thermostat down in most of the communal

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10 Going Green Tips to Protect Our Environment

envWhether we mean to do damage or not, it is a fact that many of the things we do and the products we use affect the environment. But it’s not only possible, in fact it is quite easy to make simple small changes that will go a long way towards reducing the damage that is being done to the environment. Here are 10 going green tips you can use right now to help protect our environment.

1. Stop buying disposable cloths for cleaning. Instead get some soft cotton cloths. These can be easily washed and then re-used over and over again.

2. Refill plastic spray pump bottles as you run out instead of buying a new one. If you purchase cleaning products in bulk whenever possible, you can easily refill the smaller spray bottle.

3. Avoid products with excess packaging. Instead buy everything from spices to rice at bulk food stores.

4. You don’t have to use those aerosol sprays to keep your home odor free. You can make your own room deodorizer by combining lemon juice with

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Green Parenting Tips

a87114dbd16bb29b693fc2899fdae003_feed_480x640_xlarge_thumbnail_11I’ve noticed that the topic in everyone’s conversations these days (aside from employment and the economy), is going green. It’s all over – TV, newspapers, magazines – you name it and it probably has something about going green. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great. I do think it is important to care for the environment, but everything I hear to do to help seems to be on a larger scale. So it got me thinking, what could I do as a parent to help the environment? Well, I discovered some simple green parenting tips to follow, which can help save the environment.

Tip#1 – Rethink the baby wipes
I was on one of my most favorite sites, babycenter.com, and they had an article on steps to take to go green and something caught my eye. They reported that most baby wipes take several hundred years to break down. To be honest, I never really gave much thought to wipes or the footprint they leave on the environment. I read that on average people use about 5,000 wipes per baby,

3 Tips to Raise Kids Who Love Nature

Give Your Children the Opportunity to Experience Nature

Make a point to take to your kids to a nearby public farm often so your kids can see where the eggs, the milk, and the meat they eat come from.

Let them touch the animals, answer their questions, and take advantage of educational programs the farm might offer for children.

Our local farms offer summer farm camps, egg collecting, 4-H groups, and special events throughout the year like sheep shearing every Mother’s Day. I fondly remember the weeks I spend on a farm every summer.

Make Recycling, Reusing, and Repurposing a Way of Life

I grew up in Germany, and we separated trash into six different bins: glass (clear, green, and brown); paper; aluminum; compost; recyclable trash, and non-recyclable trash.

Involve your kids in the recycling effort at home and teach them that resources are limited and why. Find ways to upcycle materials like toilet paper rolls and cardboard or magazine pages into creative craft projects. A simple search for DIY upcycling projects on Pinterest will garner many ideas for fun projects.

Buy Your Children Toys and Books with a Green Message

Tips for Your Next Adventure Trip

Adventure Travel can be one of the most exciting and exhilarating ways to travel and see the world. It is full of new palces and cultures and allows you to really immerse yourself in the cultures and communities you visit.

Here are 20 tips for planning your next adventure trip:

Use the Internet to get information from travel guides; read travel blogs about the places you want to go; chat with travelers who have recently returned from an adventure trip; consult with local authorities; check what travel documents and visas are necessary and book flights and accommodations.

Plan your route carefully making use of reliable maps. Use terrain maps showing elevation, water crossings, mountains etc. Include in your route where you are going to sleep, plan the distance you want to cover in a day and how long will it take to get from resting point to resting point.

Make sure you have money in the local currency as most adventure trips are off the beaten track where Traveler’s Checks or foreign currency will not be accepted. Take some smaller denominations for tips, baksheesh and the occasional bribe!

Get your papers in order

Preparing For Outdoor Adventures

Spending a lot of time enjoying the great outdoors year-around, be it primitive or carrying modern gear, can be a hobby filled with memories for a life time. I enjoy hiking, backpacking, and caving adventures in some of the most remote wilderness areas you can imagine. I personally love to go on treks to places seen by few.

Take the time to plan for your outdoor adventures, do your homework and leave little to chance. Eventually luck will run out, so are you prepared for your next adventure with the tools to make your adventure as safe as reasonably expected?

How well things go from start to finish can be significantly influenced by how well prepared you are before leaving the point of no return.

Good planning, training, proper clothing, adequate equipment and experience are vital essentials to an uneventful outdoor adventure trip. On the other side of the coin, if you are ill prepared, improvising your survival will become a test of your resourcefulness and your good luck.

You have seen the dramatic events unfold on the news of people lost with a hundred search and rescuers, dogs, helicopters and airplanes working to

Tips To Select the Best One For Your Vacation

Time share resorts are the best places to stay. They are affordable and luxurious and these resorts offer many resort accommodations and vacation rentals. They provide condominiums as well as beach houses in addition to typical closed hotel rooms.

Time share Resorts have a range of offers including weeks in water, beach, golf front properties and mountains.

A number of time share resorts offer you crystal clear waters to swim in and pure white beaches to bask in. Hawaii, Florida and the Caribbean are known for their time share resorts that many tourists prefer. These resorts offer many aqua sports and other activities and this is the reason visitors love to come back to these resorts.

There are many activities to enjoy in these resorts including surfing, boating, snorkeling, wind surfing, scuba diving etc. the resorts in gulf fronts and ocean fronts are equipped with hot night clubs, high class restaurants, shopping malls and other amenities in addition to the palm trees and the tropical vegetation. Tourists love the breathtaking and picturesque views from the resorts in countries like Puerto Rico, Aruba and the Bermuda.

Tourists who seek some relaxation often visit the spa

Tips To Prepare Your Body For The K2 Adventure

Whether you are planning a trek to K2 base camp or want to put your mountaineering passion to the test by attempting to climb the second highest mountain on earth, you’ll have to prepare yourself to fight against all odds of nature. Climbing the highest mountain in Pakistan or trekking to its base camp is not the novice adventurer’s task.

As you ascend to the base camp of the 8,611m mountain in the Karakorum mountain range of Pakistan, the air becomes thinner, oxygen becomes less available and breathing becomes hard. Also notorious as the savage mountain that tries to kill you, K2 poses serious risks to both the trekker and the veteran mountaineer; however, the risks for the passionate mountain climber augments as he or she ascends the mountain.

Height sickness, acute mountain syndrome and pulmonic edema are the common health risks associated with almost all types of adventure to this mountain, but as common sense would suggest, these risks are higher for climbers who aim to summit K2 than adventure lovers who’d simple want to trek to the savage mountain’s base camp. It is vital to understand that the health complications associated with high altitude,

Essentials To Avoid Mountain Climbing Accidents

Mountain climbing is considered by some to be an extreme sport because of the risks and hazards associated with it. Imagine climbing up the world’s tallest peak, where the summit offers very little oxygen to go along with the biting-cold weather. Mountain climbing can be considered a dangerous sport or hobby, yet there are still many people around the world who want to take the challenge and adventure of mountain climbing.

Mountain climbing isn’t for everyone, particularly in dealing with the highest and most dangerous mountains. A mountain climber, whether amateur or professional, has to have a certain degree of athletic ability and fitness. With low fitness quality, it would be doubly dangerous to go mountain climbing because of more risks involved.

Good fitness is another requirement to avoid mountain climbing accidents, which is always a possibility because of the unpredictability of nature. An example of this would be if a climber suddenly slips and gets stuck somehow. A fat and out-of-shape climber would have a far more difficult time picking himself back up due to his added weight, as opposed to a fit climber.

However, good fitness is only one good way to avoid

Beginners Guide in Mountain Climbing

Mountain climbing is one of the hottest sports, you should give it a try. It is a sport that requires you to practice, to prepare and to get yourself ready for the next level of discipline. But before giving it a try, you should equip yourself first with the knowledge on how you can simply enjoy this wonderful sport.

Below are the tips on how you can safely try it as your new sport:

Join the Club. Gain new friends and join a mountain climbing organization to know what it is all about. With them you can easily get to know the real deal of mountain climbing, you could have a chance to have an actual climbing session with a professional instructor who will teach you all the basic things and the advanced approaches you should learn in mountain climbing. Aside from gaining the professional help, this is also a chance for you to meet new people. You will surely enjoy mountain climbing if you are happy and at ease with the people around you.
Equip yourself with Tools. Buy proper ice climbing tools from a sports store. If you can afford, then hire a professional

Keeping the Earth Beautiful

I recently discovered that April has been dubbed, Keep America Beautiful month. I am fortunate to live in a well-kept area but even here there is evidence of abuse and neglect of the earth. I imagine God must just shake His head in disappointment at the way we’re treating this beautiful world He created. 1 Corinthians 6:9 tells us that people who destroy the earth and everything in it do not qualify as citizens of the kingdom of God. Although I am not a hard-core environmentalist, I’m thinking it’s probably a good idea to be good stewards of everything we have, and do our part to take care of the beautiful world which God entrusted to us.

I also think it’s a wonderful idea to educate our kids about ways they can help keep the earth in a state that glorifies the God who created it. And the sooner we start teaching them how to do it, the more beautiful it will become. So although this holiday is technically, “Keep America Beautiful,” the principle is the same around the world. Here are three things we can do with our kids to keep our earth looking beautiful.

Changing Your Habits to Benefit the Earth

While most people assume becoming green means making major changes in their own life this isn’t always the case. It doesn’t have to be disruptive or difficult. To many peoples surprise becoming green is easier than they might expect.

The longer humans repeat a pattern the more we are locked into it – on some levels it simply becomes automatic. To start your own greening, you must become aware of these human patterns. Just because something feels automatic does not mean it is – it can be changed. You can always make the conscious decision to change for the better. This applies to even the most deep-rooted patterns.

For many people where and what they purchase has already become fairly automatic. It’s easy to make small changes in this particular pattern to benefit the earth. By choosing to make green purchases you can reduce your impact on the environment.

What may surprise some people is the large volume of green products that are already on the market today . Some common misconceptions are that green products will be hard to find and always expensive. The green industry is already estimated to be a $230 billion

The Best Way to Use the Earth For Energy

Using the earth for energy is something that is hardly new or revolutionary. But what is new is the opportunity for regular people to harness the energy of the earth. It is now extremely easy and inexpensive for people to use the earth for its energy as long as they follow the correct plan. What is the correct way of using the earth for energy? Keep on reading because I’m going to tell you exactly how you can start using natural energy and start saving 80% or more on your energy bill every month.

The very first thing that you will need to do is make a decision between two natural power choices. You will need to decide whether you want to harness the energy of the earth through a wind turbine or through a solar panel system. After you have done this you will need to find the best place around your home for each respective system. For a wind turbine you will need to find a spot with the highest elevation and for a solar power system you will need to find a spot that receives the most sunlight throughout the day.

After picking

Top Tips to Choose a Forest Guide and Enjoy the Trip

Forest trips are always special. There are so many forests all across the globe. You need to choose the forest which is not only beautiful but is also less dangerous. If you love adventure then you can surely choose one of the forests for your trip.

It is also very important to plan a good trip with the help of the best guides. When visiting the forest you must make sure that you think about your safety and security before you plan your trip.

One of the places which have been quite popular since a long time is the new forest which is situated in the southern part of England. This forest was once the hunting grounds of the kings of England.

Hunting was popular in the previous century but now it has achieved the status of a national park and is quite popular among the tourists. If you visit this place you will be able to see ponies and lots of other wild animals. These animals are free to roam about in the grounds and they are not restricted by a fence.

You can enjoy the nature to the fullest extent in the

Five Easy Green Gardening Tips

How do you grow organic vegetables quickly on soil that’s utterly sterile?

A friend once asked me. ‘I’m taking out a row of old leylandii trees. What should I add to that awful soil, once they’re out, so I can make an organic vegetable garden?’

Her soil was dead. Leylandii, and all other large conifers, deplete the soil absolutely. If she wanted to grow organically, nothing but several tons of rotted horse manure or organic compost would help her now, I said, preferably mixed with sand and old leaves and well rotavated in.

She told me she had no rotavator. So I advised her to toss in anything that might rot down over twelve months, gracefully, and contain or promote soil bacteria. Such as several barrelfuls of raw kitchen waste from a local bar or restaurant, plus good topsoil and rough compost, if she could get it free. Then buy some worms from an angling shop and scatter them on the soil, I advised her.

She told me she didn’t like worms. So I suggested: ‘Sow a green manure, plants with nitrogen-fixing properties like broad beans. When the plants crops, dig them all in.’

8 Tips to Go Green and Save Money

Did you know that going green and saving money can go hand-in-hand? There are many things that you can do to simplify your life, reduce your environmental footprint, and save your family time and money in the process! With a busy, active family life with 4 small children, our goal this year has been to simplify. Through this process, going green and saving money while doing so has just happened naturally. Here are some tips that we have picked up along our journey…

1. Cook at Home
When you cook at home, you have more control over what you eat, along with saving you money… not to mention saving money on the gas from driving to the restaurant. In addition, stock your pantry with whole, natural, and healthy foods, and try to avoid processed or packaged foods when you can. The chemicals and additives in these foods are not only unhealthy for you, but the excess packaging and manufacturing processes are not ideal for the environment either.

2. Start a Garden
You can literally “go green” by cultivating your own green thumb! A backyard garden can be educational, fun, and save you money. Plus, it’s nutritious

Tips for Going Green with Convenient Pure Water

Bottled Water Delivery is fast and convenient. Water delivery is also one approach to greener living that consumers are taking advantage of more and more. Bottled water delivery companies work hard to protect the environment, and urge those that enjoy their products to do the same. Throughout the United States many consumers and businesses are electing to purchase bottled drinking water instead of tap or well water, whether from the grocery store in single-serve containers or from a bottled delivery service.

The bottled drinking water that is provided by delivery services typically comes in 3 or 5-gallon bottles that can be used by the consumer, then picked up by the water bottle provider, sanitized, sterilized, repackaged, and sent back to the consumer. Taking advantage of a water delivery service at home and in the office, as well as promoting and recycling plastic bottles, are two ways in which you can go green.

Taking advantage of a bottled water delivery service at home and in the office, as well as promoting and recycling plastic bottles, are two ways in which you can go green.

Tip # 1 Delivery from a Nearby Supplier

For water delivery

What You Need to Know About Going Green

Going green entails a lot of things especially those that can assist you in cutting down your waste, re-use energy, eat healthy, and generally make you more efficient. There are several going green tips that can help you achieve your aim of reducing waste while protecting your environment from disintegration.

Some going green tips can be funny or ridiculous but will help you manage resources and your environment better at the long run. Here they are;

  • Eat green; Nothing benefits your body system more than eating healthy fruits and
  • vegetables; they keep your body immune system functioning, they aid digestion and helps you stay healthy all day long.
  • Plant a tree; planting trees will make your environment remain cool and improves aeration.
  • Turn off your lights; You need to turn off the lights especially when they are not needed, that will help you conserve energy and save you cost of energy consumption.
  • Recycle materials; Recycling glass materials as well as non-degradable materials will help your environment clean{ such materials do not break down easily}.
  • Turn off your computer at night; The reason is simple, heat generation as well as energy consumption

4 Tips to Reduce Air Pollution and Help the Environment

Air pollution had been one of the biggest concerns in urban areas. The best logical way to minimize air pollution is through driving less to consume lesser fuel. This would definitely reduce what you contribute to air pollution. You can also take into account the following tips to help the environment:

Check Your Car’s Condition

We know that a well-conditioned car requires lesser trips to the gas station. It also releases lesser carbon dioxide from your air conditioner. In short, a well-maintained car saves you a lot of money. Let your car have a tuneup at least once a year particularly with older models. You can check with your manufacturer for newer car models.

Quit Smoking

We know that smoking cigarette is dangerous to our health. More than that, it is a major source of pollution to the atmosphere.

Never Burn Refuse

Another major source is burning refuse. Burning rubber and plastic can deplete the ozone layer. Recycle your bottles and rubber.

Clean Air Conditioner Filters

Most air conditioning units today have the ability of filtering out microscopic pollutants. Furthermore, a clean air conditioner filter also saves you big on

Saving the Environment Tips

It’s time to take action making less of a mark on Earth. Taking caution on living for the planet can still be in good condition for the future inhabitants. Here’s what we can simply do to help make less of an impact on the Earth.

1. Reduce the amount of energy- save money at the same time. Have your thermostat few degrees lower in the winter, or few degrees higher in the summer. For light bulbs, use Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs (CFLs). Unplug appliances that are not in use. You can as well use a smart strip that senses appliances that aren’t in use and cuts energy use. Have your clothes washed in cold water and use a drying rack or clothing line to dry your clothes, as much as possible avoid using a dryer. Wanting to use a dryer, partially air dry your clothes first, this will cut down energy use.

2. Reduce the amount of water you use- an important step toward saving the planet. Make showers shorter by bathing young children together in one shallow bath to save water. While brushing your teeth, turn off running water, as well as when washing dishes